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Representation / Establishment of a Union is Governed by the National Labor Relations Board. A Union (bargaining unit) is established through a successful election. - In order to petition the Board for an election, the union must show sufficient interest by the affected employees. The Union must demonstrate a minimum of 30% of affected employees have indicated interest for the Board to consider an election.

Initial contact between parties – OPEIU HEALTHCARE and Employee interest

OPEIU HEALTHCARE initially meets with core group (smaller group) of representative employees to gage interest of the group and to begin defining a potential bargaining unit.

If possible – OPEIU HEALTHCARE enlist the help of volunteers to assist with communication and organizing efforts. (Voluntary Organizing Committee)

Ongoing Collection of Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Determine / Establish total number of employees in potential bargaining unit and number of signed "cards" necessary to file a petition for election with NLRB.

Ongoing collection of signed authorization cards.

Ongoing meetings with employees from the potential bargaining unit – education, communication, and answering questions.

Mailings to employees providing updates and encouraging signing of authorization cards.

Obtain a sufficient number of authorization cards and file petition with NLRB requesting an election.

NLRB evaluation, NLRB determination of bargaining unit, hearing if necessary, election is scheduled.

Election conducted – If majority of employees vote for OPEIU HEALTHCARE representation, election is successful. (NOTE: The stronger the vote the better bargaining position)

Begin preparation for bargaining first collective bargaining agreement – Negotiate first contract.

NOTE:  Bargaining Unit Members do not pay any dues until the first contract is ratified!

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